HMRC R&D tax credits statistics 2018 – our commentary

The government is giving more of a boost than ever before to the UK’s most innovative companies, according to the latest statistics. HMRC has provided information on the number of companies claiming research and development (R&D) tax credits and the value of claims for the year 2016-17 so far. There is still time to make a claim, if you think you might qualify contact one of our specialist advisors.


Key points to show the value of this opportunity to innovative business in the UK

Source HMRC R&D tax credits statistics 2018


Claims since the schemes began

Claims in the tax year
2016-17 so far


These sectors continued to have the greatest volume of claims, making up a total of 71% of claims and 75% of the total amount claimed

R&D claims are concentrated in companies with a registered office in London, the South East or the East of England 45% of all claims and 60% of the total amount claimed

Updates to 2015-16
– compared to previous year


Due to the nature of the scheme, returns for the latest financial year reported (2016-17) can still be submitted past the cut-off date for the publication of these figures. As a result data for 2016-17 is not yet complete. To avoid misleading comparisons between years HMRC have compared the years 2015-16 to 2014-15 in their publication when discussing change between years, and 2016-17 when discussing in-year characteristics.

To date £21.4bn in tax relief has been claimed through these schemes.

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