R&D tax relief case studies

GovGrant helps innovative businesses maximise funding from government sources. We have 100% success rate with eligible clients.

Here are a few examples of recent success stories showing how our expertise in the area of Research and Development tax relief helped our clients to maximise their innovation.


Computer Controlled Solutions Ltd

Industry: Information Technology

  • GovGrant helped make a claim against expenditure on an R&D project which failed initially
  • Claims made by CCS under the R&D tax credit scheme have increased by 500% over four years

CCS case study pdf

Goodchild Marine

Industry: Manufacturing

  • GovGrant helped their client understand the criteria for qualifying for Research and Development tax relief
  • The client realised that some of their ‘day to day’ activities  were in fact innovative and claimable under the R&D tax credit scheme

Goodchild Marine case study pdf


Hone-All Precision Ltd

Industry: Manufacturing

  • The client was initially dubious about being able to claim for process improvements
  • GovGrant used their knowledge and expertise to help the client claim R&D tax relief, and the improvements created greater efficiency within their business

Hone-All Precision Ltd case study pdf

Quartz Technical Services Ltd

Industry: Electronic Engineering

  • GovGrant identified different projects which could be claimed under large and small company R&D Tax Credit schemes
  • This allowed the client to make more R&D claims than if they had only claimed as an SME

Quartz Technical Services Ltd case study pdf

Tracware Ltd

Industry: Software

  • GovGrant helped claim R&D tax credits for multiple projects some of which spanned several years
  • This allowed the client to claim credit on approximately 25% of their investment which they re-invested in innovation to stay ahead of their competitors

Tracware Ltd case study pdf

Traffic Environment Systems Ltd (TES)

Industry: Mobile CCTV technology

  • GovGrant offered the client a holistic view of the incentives and tax reliefs used to promote innovation over a period of seven years
  • A successful IPO patent grant application allowed the client to benefit from Patent Box in addition to the R&D tax credit scheme

Traffic Environment Systems Ltd case study pdf

Warden Plastics

Industry: Plastics Manufacturing

  • Claims were made for two major R&D projects
  • Warden received a cheque for a five-figure sum within six months of starting the claims process

Warden Plastics case study pdf