GovGrant team

Our people bring strength and depth, with a wealth of commercial, technical and operational expertise.

The right people make the biggest difference. We will always bring you the most talented people we can find so it feels like you are working with colleagues rather than consultants.

    Luke Hamm   Chief Executive Officer

    Luke Hamm

    Chief Executive Officer

    Joining GovGrant in 2017 as Commercial Director, he now brings his passion for client delivery to the role of CEO.

    Luke has over 10 years of commercial and general management experience with the UK’s largest insurance broker, Aon Ltd. His roles have included account management, new product development, continuous business improvement and change management.

    He has a real and practical understanding of the challenges facing innovative business today.


    Steve Phillips 

    Chief Financial Officer

    As Chief Financial Officer, Steve brings a demonstrable track record of achievement on ‘both sides of the fence’.

    Steve qualified as an ACA with KPMG and has a first class degree in Economics. He has a wealth of investor, Director and Non-Executive Director experience across a range of businesses and industries.

    He brings both financial rigour and entrepreneurial insight to the GovGrant management team.


    Clive Flood

    Head of Operations

    Expertise and in-depth knowledge of business performance and operational improvements.

    In his time at GovGrant Clive has both reviewed and overhauled our systems and processes to put the customer front and centre of what we do. Throughout his career has demonstrated repeated success in directing the development of products and solutions in the manufacturing, wholesale and retail sectors.


    Sachin Chauhan

    Head of Sales

    Evangelical about sharing the message – UK firms should be commercialising their innovation.

    Sachin has a deep understanding of the government initiatives that reward UK businesses for innovation – R&D tax credits, Patent Box and capital allowances. He works, with his team, to ensure that our customers are maximising the opportunities across the full range of incentives on offer.


We have access to a full range of industry experts across the country – with different experience, skillsets and technical knowledge. We will find an analyst who has the right mix of skills for you.

The Team

GovGrant team

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.