Professional partnerships

How we work with our partners

We see our partnership with accountancy and other professional firms as a central and integral part of our business. Over 140 accountancy practices across the country enjoy a proactive and successful relationship with GovGrant.

Which of your clients need our help

Your key account manager works with you to identify any clients within your portfolio who can benefit from R&D tax relief.

As part of our complimentary pre-qualification process, we visit these clients, assess their eligibility and report back. You can trust us to protect and enhance your service credentials and reputation.

We can take the strain

We provide the technical claim report and the financial information for your tax computation and submission to HMRC. We handle any HMRC claim inquires within our fee, reducing your costs and workload.

Giving you a competitive advantage

Offering a specialist tax relief service keeps you ahead of your competition. Identifying and generating significant tax relief for your clients reinforces your relationships and helps you retain their business.

A value add service from GovGrant

In partnering with us practices are able to offer the additional service of claim filing. We also pay client referral fees, or you can simply view us as an additional client service, it’s up to you.

Our commitment to our accounting partners is unique.


Filing guarantee on your clients
if we secure a new client you have first refusal on the filing work


Lock out
we won’t approach the clients you want to attract directly


we will produce relevant content to be used by our partners to help market your services


earn commission on introduction and any client we win if you are the accountant


Free health check
health check service to decide how we can assist, if at all

We talk your language

We are not accountants, but we employ qualified company taxation specialists so you can trust us to offer up to date and comprehensive support.

To start working together contact GovGrant.

We’ll arrange a time to come and meet you and run through the options.