Adam Simmonds
Investment Research Analyst

A recent first-class honours graduate, Adam brings academic and research insight to his role as Investment Research Analyst for GovGrant.

  Adam Simmonds

Adam Simmonds

About Adam

With a First-Class Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics and Finance, Adam graduated in 2020. His final dissertation investigated the Efficient Market Hypothesis and whether market participants acted rationally in their response to the unconforming nature of Elon Musk through analysing changes in Tesla share prices. Adam’s role with GovGrant is to offer research and insight to the venture capital and private equity community to drive value from R&D and innovation activity in their portfolios.


Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (The CISI) – Derivatives, Corporate Finance Technical Foundations, Level 3 Award for Introduction to Investment.

Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1 Candidate.


In his own words

“At this stage of my career I can’t imagine a more exciting opportunity than working with GovGrant. Innovation can come from every angle and is the stock in trade for our clients. With this in mind I get to spend time researching, understanding, and helping to drive value for companies and investors alike.”