Already claiming tax credits?

Even if you have made a tax credit claim in the past there is every chance that we can improve on it. On average, we have increased existing tax credit claims by 200%, because we know how and where to find the full potential of your claim.

When you sign up with GovGrant you know that you will be in safe hands, and not just for the future. One of the first things we’ll be able to do is go back for two years to do all we can to improve your claims and reports. So that opportunity isn’t lost.

Confident of identifying more qualifying expenditure

Here at GovGrant we don’t just look at your accounts – that will only tell us part of the story. Our technical experts will walk the floors to spot every opportunity and maximise your claim.

With all of the experience that GovGrant brings to the table we know where indirect costs tend to be, we know the relevant questions to ask. We have over 12 years of our own benchmarking from over 6,000 claims so we will know if your previous supplier has fallen short.

Confident that our technical reports are the best in class

When we have the information we need we focus on crafting the technical report that justifies a robust claim to HMRC. We know what HMRC are looking for, so we can ensure your claim is accurate and complete.

We add our knowledge and insight to the narrative – which gives you the best chance of having your claim fully approved. So even though we tend to identify higher claim values this doesn’t come with any additional risk. When we have made a claim on behalf of clients they have always been approved.

And of course we stand by our claims, if you face an HMRC enquiry we defend it free of charge and run that process on your behalf at no extra charge. GovGrant has an enquiry rate of less than 0.2%, compared to the industry wide rate of 14%. No wonder we are confident in delivering for our clients.

What else can you claim?

It doesn’t end there. GovGrant have the expertise to claim capital allowances and RDA (Research and Development Allowances), a tax relief for businesses incurring capital expenditure on qualifying R&D activities.

We will also check to see if you have patents or Intellectual Property that is patentable. GovGrant will be able to identify if this is the case for you and advise on further benefits that might be available to you.

Unlike any other provider, GovGrant takes a genuinely holistic approach and thinks about the big picture. We look at things in the whole rather than breaking it down into parts – so you can be sure that your innovation is recognised and receives the full range of available government funding.

Contact us for a free review to see if we can increase your claim

Our experience with GovGrant has been fantastic. Having previously worked with another specialist within the industry, I can honestly say that GovGrant go above and beyond for their clients and the results speak for themselves.

Angus Elphinstone  |  CEO and Founder, AnyVan Ltd
All-Party Parliamentary design & innovation group
British Plastics Federation
Insurtech UK
Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce
British Marine