Question: How many people does your business employ?

Question: What is your annual turnover?

Question: What is the value of your balance sheet assets?

Question: Is your R&D subsidised?

Question: Have you applied or are you receiving State Aid for your R&D projects?

Question: Is your business subcontracted by a larger company?

Question: Are you no longer considered a “going concern”?

We think the RDEC scheme is the best place to start

 Talk to us about which R&D tax relief scheme will work for you

Even though your business is probably classified as an SME we have identified some reasons why you might not be eligible for the SME R&D scheme. However, you may well be able to claim through the RDEC scheme instead.

We think the SME R&D tax relief scheme is the best place to start


If the R&D project is subsidised. For example by a customer, a charity or a university.

State Aid

If your business has received, or has applied for, a grant or other form of support which is notifiable State aid for an R&D project.