Our history of standing up for innovative businesses

R&D relief was introduced by the Government in 2000 to encourage business innovation and we created GGTC as a direct response.

Our founders saw the need for straightforward, specialist advice to help businesses make the most of this opportunity.

Realising that many of our clients weren’t benefitting fully from their available capital allowances, we created Capital Allowance Services. We then set about offering the same pragmatic advice on capital allowances.

In 2013, when Patent Box was launched we responded with a new service to support our clients as they actively identified, valued, managed, and exploited their intellectual property.

GovGrant today

We have evolved and grown three successful businesses by responding to new opportunities in legislation. They have now been brought together under the name GovGrant so we can offer our clients a holistic view of the incentives and tax relief that promote innovation today. We help our clients commercialise their innovation and that has always been our sole focus.

With all of this experience we have a seat at the table when government and businesses discuss the best way to reward innovation in the UK. We aim to influence policy by representing our clients.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs
All-Party Parliamentary design & innovation group
British Plastics Federation
Insurtech UK
Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce
British Marine