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Here at GovGrant we have a deep understanding of the R&D ecosystem. We bring our technical capability and business acumen together to create value for our clients. Here are links to our insights – guides, experience, commentary and research.

Here we share some of our insights in a series of simple guides, which we keep regularly updated. We have a wealth of hard-earned knowledge and expertise which we love to share.

This is the best place to find out what is going on in the world of innovation, R&D and IP. You’ll find GovGrant’s response to latest UK research, government policy and client experience.

Our clients consistently tell us that the process was easier than they expected, that the rewards were greater than anticipated and that working with GovGrant has helped them understand their business better. Here are just a few examples of the successful outcomes that our clients have achieved.

Each year HMRC provides information on the number of companies claiming tax relief through R&D tax credits and Patent Box. Here we detail the latest stats and what the tell us about the state of innovation in the UK today.

We aim to influence policy by representing the innovative businesses we work with. As part of this ongoing dialogue, and at this critical time for SME businesses in the UK, we carried our Innovation Nation survey 2020.

Research is creating new knowledge.

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