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Advanced notification requirement – clarification from HMRC

Posted on Monday 3 July 2023 by Clive Flood | Chief Operating Officer

You will have heard that soon, in some circumstances, HMRC will need advanced notice of your intention to claim R&D tax relief. We’ve been receiving a lot of queries from our clients and our partner accountants asking for clarification of this requirement, not least because the guidance provided is not particularly clear and appears to contradict the draft legislation. We asked HMRC to clarify and hope that we can explain further here.> Read more

Legislation Day – HMRC’s draft changes to R&D tax relief schemes

Posted on Thursday 21 July 2022 by Clive Flood | Chief Operating Officer

Yesterday (Wednesday 20 July) was what HMRC refer to as Legislation Day, on which they publish the draft legislation changes that have now been submitted to parliament to receive Royal Assent and be passed into law. This is expected to take place over the Autumn which will then come into effect for full accounting periods starting on or after 1 April 2023.
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GovGrant joins influential All Party Group for Design and Innovation

Posted on Tuesday 16 October 2018 by Clive Flood | Chief Operating Officer

GovGrant, the innovation tax incentive specialist, has joined the All Party Design and Innovation Group (APDIG), a parliamentary body made up of MPs and Peers that champions innovation inside and outside Parliament.

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What are the steps in completing an R&D tax credit?

Posted on Tuesday 6 February 2018 by Clive Flood | Chief Operating Officer

If you are a business owner or manager with a company presence in the UK, you may be eligible for research and development (R&D) tax credits. At GovGrant, our consultants focus on helping you to maximise your R&D tax credit claim no matter the size of your business or your principal products and services. We will help you to follow these simple steps to make sure that you are getting the most from your claim.

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