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Webinar: Do you recognise client innovation to maximise their tax benefits?

Posted on Friday 14 September 2018 by GovGrant

When it comes to claiming R&D tax relief and offering Patent Box services, are you sure that you are doing enough to maximise your clients’ position?

Join us for a webinar where we discuss how you can help your clients commercialise their innovation. After this webinar you will:

  • Know how to identify clients with whom you should engage for R&D or Patent services
  • Be confident in discussing the schemes with your clients
  • Understand the processes to unlock the maximum amount of qualifying expenditure for each claim

GovGrant is here to make sure that innovation is recognised and UK businesses benefit from any available government tax relief incentives. We see our partnerships with accountancy firms as a central and integral part of our business. GovGrant works with thousands of firms in the UK, so we understand the challenges you face in delivering a full accountancy service across your portfolio of clients.

This webinar is suitable for any accountant who wants to understand the latest tax position across a range of government tax incentives, so they can deliver better outcomes to their clients.




Luke Hamm, Chief Executive Officer

Luke has over 10 years of commercial and general management experience with one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers, Aon. He came to GovGrant as CCO to transform the business and deliver unprecedented growth. Now as CEO he is ensuring that the business is taking its place as the UK’s largest specialist provider of services that commercialise innovation.



Shenal Wijetunge, R&D tax relief and Patent Box specialist

Shenal has experience in the preparation of UK R&D tax claims both under the SME and large company schemes He has prepared successful claims for companies in sectors such as life science, food and drink, chemicals, consumer products, IT and oil and gas. He has a background working in manufacturing industry which means he is well placed to identify eligible R&D costs embedded in the wider business areas outside of core R&D centres.

Join our webinar at 9.30am on Friday 21st September to find out how you can help your clients commercialise their innovation. Click here to register.

Webinar: Do you recognise client innovation to maximise their tax benefits?

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