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What’s in a name?

Posted on Friday 20 October 2017 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

On 2 October 2017, GGTC, Capital Allowance Specialists and Patent Box Consultations starting trading as GovGrant – why?

Almost all companies talk about Innovation and how it is a top of the agenda, when I joined the business in April I was blown away by the fact that I had a joined a company that helped all companies drive value from innovation. What concerned me is that we, unlike most, we were actually walking the walk but our talk didn’t match. The reason lies in the history.

The founders, John and Jeremy stumbled across R&D tax credits when they were working with turnaround companies in the tech space and found this valuable funding tool. As the business grew, they took the concept and built independent businesses to offer a defined product to a wide market.

Roll the clock forward 10 years and those unique expertise that existed in different companies had become more relevant together than apart.

So I went back to the drawing board to good old fashioned mission and vision statements to help decide what we wanted our clients to understand about us:

Mission – To maximise government backed funding for innovative businesses.


Vision – Our vision is for the UK to be the global destination of choice for creating and investing in innovation.

I then had that moment and thought – is that too much, can we really do that? Very quickly I realised that in those early days John and Jeremy already had started that mission so it felt right to nod to that and retain some of the historic brand image.

Then it was why are we different and that was easier – we are not accountants or tax advisors, we are not looking for the short term granting opportunities – we want to work with Government to make sure that they continue to use the tax office as the most successful way of investing in innovation and making the UK stand out on the global stage.

GovGrant was born.

What’s in a name?

About Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Joining GovGrant in 2017 as Commercial Director, Luke now brings his passion for client delivery to the role of CEO. He ensures that GovGrant is taking its place as the UK’s largest specialist provider of IP services and R&D tax relief, helping our clients commercialise innovation. View profile