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R&D tax credits for the administrative and support services industry

We have seen a rise in technologies that allow many companies to offer their services online as well as face to face. The ability to build, refine and evolve these platforms to respond to client need and competitor activity is key. If there are technical challenges then this can qualify as R&D expenditure – whether this is the challenge of scalability, data integration or client interface.




million in claim value


Average claim value

Source HMRC R&D tax credits statistics 2023

The statistics published by HMRC for 2021-22 are provisional and have been uplifted to include estimates for claims not yet received.

What qualifies as R&D in the business administration sector?

We find qualifying R&D when businesses innovate to integrate mobile technologies and operating platforms. This often involves resolving conflicts within hardware or software, where there is a documented absence of a known solution. Businesses often have to create new encryption or security techniques that don’t follow established methodologies.

This sector includes the following types of business.

  • Rental and leasing activities
  • Employment activities
  • Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities
  • Security and investigation activities
  • Services to buildings and landscape activities
  • Office administrative, office support and other business support activities

Yes, administration and support companies can claim under either scheme depending on their size and other deciding factors. Of the R&D tax relief claims made in 2021-22 so far, 89% of them were under the SME scheme equating to 59% of the value claimed.

Yes, administration and support companies that have already claimed R&D tax credits might find that they could claim even more by applying for the Patent Box scheme. In 2021-22, so far, only 70 companies elected into Patent Box.

Administrative and support services case studies


Industry: Logistics 

  • AnyVan’s technology platform has enabled them to stay ahead of the competition but the development work is always complex and comes at a significant cost to the business
  • GovGrant’s review identified some significant areas of qualifying expenditure which had previously been overlooked, resulting in a sizeable additional benefit for AnyVan

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