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Here at GovGrant, we empower businesses to realise their innovation potential, we reward the risk-takers and only focus on commercial outcomes. 

Through a deep understanding of the R&D ecosystem and our technical capability, we create value to our clients by recognising their R&D and maximising the value of their Intellectual Property.

Four things to help you select your R&D tax credits advisor 

1. Time
Think about how much time your advisor spends on your claim. We would suggest that 30 minutes isn’t enough time to get to know your business, never mind making a compliant claim. 

2. Cost
Think about the cost vs the value to your business.

3. Risk management  
You should be aware of the risks of an HMRC enquiry and understand what quality assurance processes are in place with your advisor.

4. Support 
You should know that your advisor will have your back. But look beyond the website claims, do they have enough R&D tax credit experience to offer genuine support if you do face an enquiry.

We’re here to help – If you’re in any doubt speak to us. We’re happy to discuss your concerns whether you’re an existing client or not.

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It doesn't end with an R&D tax credits claim. GovGrant will also check to see if you have patents or Intellectual Property that is patentable. GovGrant will be able to identify if this is the case for you and advise on further benefits that might be available to you. 

Unlike any other provider, GovGrant takes a genuinely holistic approach and thinks about the big picture. We look at things as the whole rather than breaking them down into parts – so you can be sure that your innovation is recognised and receives the full credit due.