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We don’t want to waste your time or ours, so we will let you know if there is value in carrying out a more detailed review of the technical or financial aspects of the claim  

Don’t want to move away from your current provider, but want a third party view?
We will do a fixed cost review of your R&D report and give you a simple Red, Amber, Green status to give you confidence in your current provider.

Find yourself in an enquiry?
We will be happy to help and will give you straightforward advice as to whether the claim can be defended and help you gather any further evidence that would be required.

Ultimately, we can take on your R&D tax relief work and run our market-leading process for future claims.


So what can GovGrant do for you?

When it comes to R&D tax relief, picking the right advisor can be tough. You may only find out there’s a problem with your R&D tax credit claim when you’re facing an enquiry from HMRC. And importantly that’s when you might find out that your advisor can’t or won’t respond on your behalf.

HMRC are increasing their scrutiny of the R&D tax relief and this is to be welcomed. This is taxpayers' money, after all. So now is the right time to check, challenge and review who and how you build your R&D tax credit claim. Thinking about that now will make sure that you don’t carry a problem forward.

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What makes GovGrant different?

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GovGrant has access to a full range of industry experts across the country – with different experience, skillsets, and technical knowledge. Whether your business is big or small, complex or simple, single or multi-site – we will find a technical specialist who has the right mix of skills for you.

Our Technical Specialists make working with 
GovGrant unique. Your Technical Specialist will speak your language and will have experience in your sector, so they will waste no time in getting to grips with the work you do.

GovGrant Technical Specialist will come and walk the floors with you and give you the benefit of their business acumen, technical expertise, and commercial experience.


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