Richard Thompson
Senior Innovation Consultant

Richard works specifically with our technology clients to maximise the benefit of their innovation.

  Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson

About Richard

With over 15 years of experience in management, consulting and business advisory, Richard has spent the last 7 years helping SME businesses reward their innovation, with 4 years specifically in R&D and Patent Box tax incentives.

He works mostly with tech clients to navigate the UK’s government-backed innovation incentive landscape, selecting the opportunities which represent the best value.

Industry representation

Richard supports and promotes the Fintech sector through the work of the TISA.

In his own words

“The R&D tax relief rules have now been expanded to include cloud computing and data so keeping on top of HMRC’s latest guidance is critical. Most businesses have a technology element now, and it’s my role to understand how that technology can become valued as R&D, IP and patents.”