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Sharon Veness
Accountant Partnerships Manager

Sharon works together with our accountant partners to ensure that their clients maximise their R&D tax relief and Patent Box claims.

  Sharon Veness

Sharon Veness

About Sharon

Sharon has over 25 years’ experience in account management with professional firms including businesses like Croner-i, Wolters Kluwer Business and Dun & Bradstreet. Her role at GovGrant is to work with our accountant partners to understand their individual requirements and to help them achieve their business goals. By offering resource, expertise and training she supports accountants who want to deliver commercial value for their clients.

In her own words

“My role is to champion the needs of accountants. We know your clients are your most valuable asset so we are here to sure that you can maximise the value you offer. GovGrant works with accountancy firms in different ways under different arrangements – it’s important to find a partnership that works for you.”