Somil Goyal
Investment Lead

Somil works with investors in innovative UK companies to help them maximise capital efficiency across their portfolio.

  Somil Goyal

Somil Goyal

About Somil

Somil has deep experience in finance and consulting with skills honed at Deutsche Bank and the Big Four. He runs an alumni angel network in the UK focussed on digital industries and climate change. He has also managed and worked at start-up companies, especially in Fintech. At GovGrant, Somil works with the venture capital and private equity community to drive value from R&D and innovation activity in their portfolios.


Somil has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, and Bachelors in Technology from IIT Kanpur.

In his own words

“My mission is to understand your investment thesis and portfolio, in order to improve return on capital deployed. Built on GovGrant’s proven track record in R&D tax credit and IP services, we are building a commercial platform to direct capital into innovation, research and intellectual property development in the UK.”

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