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Steve Phillips
Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Steve brings a demonstrable track record of achievement on ‘both sides of the fence’.

  Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips GovGrant

About Steve

Steve has a first class degree in Economics and qualified as an ACA with KPMG. He then spent 15 years as an investor in private equity working with a significant number of high growth private equity backed companies in board level. Before GovGrant he was CFO at start-up gym chain Digme Fitness and he’s also been involved with brands including Snow+Rock, Liberation Group, AirSwift and Vue Cinemas.

He brings both financial rigour and entrepreneurial insight to the GovGrant management team.


Steve is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (FCA).

In his own words

“Since qualifying with KPMG, I’ve been lucky enough to gain experience as both a Non-Executive and executive across a range industries and size of businesses. I love working with entrepreneurial people and businesses and at GovGrant we are very privileged to work with a huge range of them. We really enjoy helping them on that journey and I hope my knowledge across a broad range of issues proves to be valuable to clients large and small.”

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