What makes GovGrant different?

This is our core business and you can be confident of our track record.

We help our clients commercialise their innovation and that has always been our sole focus.

We will team you up with the right expert.

We have access to a full range of industry experts across the country – with different experience, skillsets and technical knowledge. Whether your business is big or small, complex or simple, single or multi-site – we will find a technical specialist who has the right mix of skills for you.

Our experts are business people first.

Your technical specialist will speak your language and will have experience in your sector, so they will waste no time in getting to grips with the work you do. They will come and walk the floors. It’s the best way to get to know you and your business.

Standing up for innovative business in the UK.

We have a seat at the table when government and business discuss the best way to reward innovation in the UK. We aim to influence policy by representing the innovative businesses we work with.

How can we help?

Irrespective of what industry or sector you are, GovGrant can help you identify eligible innovations for both R&D and Patent Box tax purposes.

GovGrant is always on top of the latest changes in legislation. You can rely on our expertise, leaving you to focus on your main business.

We will tailor a costing and technical methodology specifically for your business. This will minimise the complexity of the claims process and achieve the maximum benefits. We know from experience that every business is unique.

We will considerably reduce the demand on your staff by doing all the work on your behalf.

We will ensure a robust claim is put together minimising any risk.

Why choose GovGrant?

We are not accountants. Here at GovGrant we assess your R&D and innovation activities by walking the floors and asking you the right questions to truly maximise your innovation incentives.

We work with a number of FTSE 250 business with complex needs and structures. We are not limited by billable hours so we put in the hard yards at our own risk to maximise your benefit.

As one of the oldest established innovation tax specialists in the UK, we have a wide presence nationally with industry experts such as engineers, scientists and IT specialists alongside qualified tax professionals who understand your business and can develop a robust R&D claim on your behalf.

GovGrant has a proven track record with HMRC and a well-established claim methodology.

Our one and only business focus is to offer our clients the maximum potential benefit from the innovation incentives available in the UK for you to grow and expand your business.

All-Party Parliamentary design & innovation group
British Plastics Federation
Insurtech UK
Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce
British Marine