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Specialists in all things innovation and R&D tax relief

GovGrant is here to make sure that innovation is recognised and receives the full range of innovation tax incentives.

We can help you maximise the value of your innovation by claiming:

R&D tax relief

These government schemes are designed to boost innovation by offering businesses tax relief for their R&D activity.

More about R&D tax relief

Intellectual Property services

Getting into the Patent Box which rewards IP rich companies starts with solid, direct advice on your Intellectual Property.

More about Intellectual Property services

Capital allowances

GovGrant can establish the capital allowances opportunity and formulate a bespoke proposal just for you.

More about capital allowances

Creative industries tax reliefs

A group of eight corporation tax reliefs to promote culturally-relevant productions in the UK.

More about creative industries tax reliefs

All businesses can benefit

More businesses than ever benefit from R&D tax credits, but still billions remain unclaimed. Either due to under claiming or never claiming, this needs a technical eye to really drive the outcome. Rarely does this R&D translate into IP and Patent, that’s where we come in.

Many businesses do not consider R&D tax credits as something that could apply to them. Most do not see the value in applying for patents. No matter the sector, size or maturity of a business there are opportunities to benefit from innovation incentives.

  • Almost any manufacturer
  • Software developments that are not off the shelf
  • Offering a genuinely a new product – you google it and can’t find it
  • Offering a product which exists but you address a performance issue or take the product on to another stage
  • Your product was launched in a limited market so part of scalability was to take the product into different sectors and applications
  • You are growing through acquisition and there is uncertainty in integration
  • For example, bakery selling more of an artisan bread does not present a challenge, however taking manufacturing of bread from a bakery to factory could qualify as innovation
  • Your consumers will expect new versions
  • A dip in income forces you to do something to improve the product or service
  • There can be an ongoing drive to be leaner and increase margin
  • Sometimes innovation is found in “the day job”, perhaps a new reporting tool, updating old machinery and adapting machinery
  • How do you value your innovation – our due diligence could reveal the value of your R&D and Intellectual Property

This is our core business and you can be confident of our track record.

We will team you up with the right expert – whatever your size, industry or location.

Our experts are business people first – we speak your language.

We have a seat at the table when policy is discussed. We will always stand up for innovative businesses in the UK.

And even if you’ve made a claim already

We maximise claims through an expert led, detailed assessment of your activities. There is usually a very good chance we will improve them.

On average, we have increased existing claims by 200%, because we know how to find the full potential of your claim.

Find out more about how we could help you increase your claim.

Contact us for a free review to see if we can increase your claim

What are the benefits of a GovGrant review?

A GovGrant review is more than the sum of its parts. Your GovGrant technical specialist will come and walk the floors so they are ideally placed to give an overview of all of the innovation incentives you could be entitled to.

Unlike any other provider, GovGrant takes a genuinely holistic approach and thinks about the big picture. We look at things in the whole rather than breaking it down into parts – so you can be sure that your innovation is recognised and receives the full range of available government funding.

How can we help you maximise the value of your innovation?

We attend and run workshops, webinars, exhibitions and events to share knowledge and keep you up to date with the issues that impact innovation in your business.


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