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Akshay Thaman
IP Consultant & Policy Lead

Akshay brings academic rigour and commercial IP experience to his role as IP Consultant & Policy Lead for GovGrant.


About Akshay

As an experienced Intellectual Property Professional, Akshay has re-joined GovGrant as an Intellectual Property (IP) Consultant & Policy Lead. Akshay is skilled in advising clients on how to identify, develop and manage their IP, and on using IP analytics to maximise your R&D and boost growth.

Akshay has previously worked as an IP Assistant at a leading oil & gas company and most recently had a stint in leading Green Tech & Tax policy at the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO). Akshay’s commercial experience is underpinned by a Master’s degree in both Chemistry and Intellectual Property Law.


Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law, Member of the British Patent Information Professionals group (BPIP).

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In his own words

The UK is historically known for the quality of its R&D and depth of academic talent.

However, we are consistent underperformers when it comes to the commercialisation of our fantastic R&D. Protecting IP and developing a robust IP portfolio are key components for better commercialisation of science and technology, and I believe there is more to be done to raise awareness on this point.”

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