Akshay Thaman
Intellectual Property Analyst

Akshay brings academic rigour and commercial IP experience to his role as IP Analyst for GovGrant.

  Akshay Thaman

Akshay Thaman

About Akshay

With a Masters degree in both Chemistry and Intellectual Property Law, Akshay’s strong analytical skills mean he is uniquely qualified to act as an Intellectual Property analyst for our clients. He gained commercial IP experience as an intern with a leading oil and gas company before joining GovGrant in 2020.

Akshay’s role is to help UK businesses become the centre of innovation. He works closely with GovGrant’s clients to uncover IP that may be hidden within their businesses. Starting with the R&D tax claim he can analyse and identify the potential for a patent that will unlock further tax savings by utilising the UK’s Patent Box scheme.


Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law, Member of the British Patent Information Professionals group (BPIP).


In his own words

“Clients are often surprised that they have IP that can help to drive their commercial value. What may seem a routine process to a technical individual within an organisation may prove to be a novel, inventive and, therefore, a patentable concept to those working in the field generally.”