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Client success stories

We help our clients commercialise their innovation and this remains our sole focus. GovGrant has successfully processed over 8,000 claims delivering over £250m of claim benefit for our clients.

Our clients consistently tell us that the process was easier than they expected, that the rewards were greater than expected and that working with GovGrant has helped them understand their business better. Here are just a few examples of the successful outcomes that our clients have achieved.

R&D tax relief case studies

Companies from all sectors and of all shapes and sizes are able to claim tax relief for their R&D activity. See what we’ve done to maximise our clients’ claims.

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Intellectual Property case studies

Here are some examples of the way we help clients actively identify, value, manage, and exploit their Intellectual Property.

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We attend and run workshops, webinars, exhibitions and events to share knowledge and keep you up to date with the issues that impact innovation in your business.

Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth.

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