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Welcome to Elevation, R&D tax credit software made for accountants, powered by GovGrant

GovGrant works in partnership with accountancy firms. We see knowledge sharing, tools and transparency as essential to our combined success. As our Accountancy Partner you will have exclusive access to Elevation, free of charge.

Elevation gives our Accounting Partners an understanding of the innovation tax incentives available to their clients. 

GovGrant is embracing the move toward more digitally enabled accountancy practice and we are investing in a tool that drives better compliance and integrity when it comes to R&D. Elevation also gives accountants access to Patent Box claims and our wider IP services.

Elevation doesn’t need any specific software to run, is simple to use, and is a secure platform that puts our Accounting Partners in control.

If you already have a Portal login, discover Elevation here.

Elevation is currently made up of Foundations and Blueprint.

Foundations – Full visibility of your clients claims

Foundations gives you full visibility and transparency of your clients’ journey through their R&D tax claim meaning you are never left in the dark and know exactly where your client is in our process.

Foundations allows you to:

  • Upload client details for GovGrant to review
  • Track specific actions along the journey of the claim
  • Share documents securely
  • Monitor a particular client but also to hold an overview of your portfolio of clients

Blueprint – Knowledge, content and training hub

Blueprint gives you what you need to have a confident innovation conversation with your clients.

Blueprint allows you to up-skill your team around R&D, Patent Box and innovation to improve compliance standards and protect the integrity of the HMRC schemes.

GovGrant aims to provide useful content for you to share with your clients to encourage dialogue around R&D tax relief and other innovation incentives.

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