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Working together

We see our partnership with accountancy and other professional firms as a central and integral part of our business.

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GovGrant – the right partner to strengthen your team

GovGrant is here to make sure that innovation is recognised and receives the full credit it is due. Our expertise can help your clients claim under HMRC’s R&D tax creditPatent Box and Research and Development Allowances schemes.

GovGrant can work with accountancy firms in different ways under different arrangements – one size certainly does not fit all. We will work with you to tailor our offering, giving you the comfort you want and additional resources you need. We can maximise the value you give to your clients and focus where you need us.

GovGrant has a proven track record and works with thousands of accountancy firms in the UK. We hold ourselves to the industry standards that our accounting partners expect, as member of the ICAEW Practice Assurance scheme.

A flexible R&D resource for accountants

When it comes to growing your business, you need an R&D partnership that offers a complementary skillset to your own. Someone who can add value to your client base. GovGrant can be the additional resource when you just need something extra.

GovGrant can:

  • Provide a dedicated Account Manager to your practice
  • Offer ongoing support and training to your team
  • Create a range of marketing assets that help you highlight your R&D services to your clients
  • Handle the R&D claim process for your clients from start to finish for larger claims
  • Give you exclusive access to our online tool – Elevation 

Elevation – R&D tax credit software made for accountants, powered by GovGrant

Powered by GovGrant

We see knowledge sharing, tools and transparency as essential to our combined success. As our Accountancy Partner you will have exclusive access to Elevation, free of charge.

Full visibility of your clients’ claims

Foundations gives you full visibility and transparency of your clients’ journey through their R&D tax claim. Importantly it allows you to share sensitive and confidential documents securely.

Knowledge, content and CPD training hub

Blueprint allows you to up-skill your team around R&D, Patent Box and innovation to improve compliance standards and protect the integrity of the HMRC schemes.


When you need us most

In providing a service to clients there is a series of steps to work through. With a professional partnership it’s important to work out where we could add the most value and where you may need extra support.

With each client you will look at their requirements and plan which resources are needed to deliver a great service. Whether it’s based on skillset, experience or seniority you blend your team accordingly. We want you to consider GovGrant as a resource that you can bring to the table as and when required.

It’s all about finding the right level of support to strengthen your team when it comes to delivering R&D tax credit and Patent Box claims. We know your clients are your most valuable asset and having a single resource dealing with a number of specialist areas ensures continuity, comfort, and simplicity.

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