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The investment sweet spot

The fundamental to investment growth and high rates of return is the ability to know when to buy businesses, how to steer them through a transition of rapid performance improvement and knowing when to sell them on. But are you considering the full implications and tax incentives of R&D, Intellectual Property and patents to gain a competitive advantage.

Identifying and valuing investment opportunities

Opportunities can come up when a business is undervalued because their potential isn’t easy to see at first glance.

GovGrant brings a different perspective to due diligence. Through the lens of IP we identify value, risk and opportunity that is unlikely to have been considered by others. We leverage our practical knowledge of working with thousands of businesses to give insight that helps in investment decisions.

Improve the performance of your portfolio companies

We are no longer an economy driven by physical assets and the greatest value for a company can be its Intellectual Property. For those companies who have recognised this and understood the commercial opportunity of a patent, they benefit from a reduced corporation tax rate of 10%.

Did you know that less than 800 SMEs benefit from Patent Box and only take 5% of the benefit that is currently paid by the government?

We work with businesses to find that hidden gem usually buried in their R&D and turn it into a valuable, commercial asset.

Exit strategies and correctly valuing a business to sell

When selling or exiting from an investment it is important that buyers recognise the value created and held by that business. So again providing an accurate and evidenced value to IP is just as essential when selling a business investment.

GovGrant – adding value to your investments

Most businesses that have received backing will be aware, and likely benefiting from R&D tax credits. It is a government backed incentive to encourage innovation in every corner of the UK and it can be a great indicator for investors that the business understands its own landscape.

Companies can be forgiven by thinking that this is just a tax thing but it’s not – it is all about innovation, science and technology. To create a compliant, maximised claim it needs to be in the hands of experts. When done correctly, the value can underpin cashflows and improve the risk for investors. When done incorrectly, the investors may be left with a problem they didn’t know existed.

Why GovGrant – bringing insight to your investments

We work closely with the investment community to help create clarity and maximum value when it comes to R&D and innovation.

GovGrant is here to make sure that companies maximise the value of their innovation. Our expertise can help your clients identify their R&D activity and how it flows into IP.

GovGrant can work with the investment community in different ways under different arrangements. We want to understand your investment approach and current portfolio and identify where value can be added.

GovGrant has a proven track record and works with thousands of innovative businesses in the UK. We can maximise the value of your investment assets through commercially focused IP advice.

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