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Being a Source Advisors company – what does it mean for our accounting partners

Posted on Wednesday 4 October 2023 by Vicki Morrall | Accounting Partner Director

You’ll remember that on 31 March 2023, GovGrant was acquired by Source Advisors LLC an exciting step on our continuing journey as the UK’s authority on incentives for business innovation. As part of the Source family, we share a joint vision deeply rooted in quality, relationships, technical excellence, and creating the very best working culture for our people.
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Luvo acquisition – one year on

Posted on Tuesday 25 October 2022 by Vicki Morrall | Accounting Partner Director

In 2021 we announced the acquisition of Luvo Financial by GovGrant. Both parties recognised this as a significant opportunity as the R&D market consolidated. One year later I’m reflecting on the experience for Luvo clients, partners, and for me personally.
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GovGrant wins Best Place to Work at the UK Business Awards 2022

Posted on Thursday 25 August 2022 by Lynsey Mitchinson | Head of HR

We are proud to announce that GovGrant has been named Best Place to Work by the UK Business Awards 2022. Our people are our greatest asset and we believe that when the team thrives, so does the business.
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GovGrant finalists in the Lloyds British Business Excellence and The Business Culture Awards

Posted on Thursday 16 September 2021 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

GovGrant has been announced as a finalist in two categories of the Business Culture Awards, for Best Working Environments & Practices Initiative and Best Small Organisation for Business Culture. We’ve also been successful in the Lloyds British Business Excellence Awards, as Employer of the Year and Small to Medium Business of the Year. It’s great to have our business recognised in this way, and an endorsement of all we have achieved this year.
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GovGrant acquires Luvo Financial as the R&D tax credit market consolidates

Posted on Wednesday 1 September 2021 by GovGrant

GovGrant, the R&D and IP specialists, has today announced the acquisition of Luvo Financial. GovGrant sees this as a significant opportunity for both parties as the R&D market consolidates.
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Is there a gender gap in innovation?

Posted on Wednesday 10 February 2021 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Today is the UN’s “International Day of Women and Girls in Science”. As a business, GovGrant is at the heart of the innovation ecosystem it’s dispiriting to think that the UK could be missing out on the skills and expertise of a significant chunk of the population. Do we still need a day to promote STEM subjects for girls? Surely there is ample opportunity and the UK is ahead of this curve?
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Covid-19 – business as usual and the new normal

Posted on Thursday 9 July 2020 by Ruth Hayes | Human Resources Manager

As we pass the milestone of 100 days since lockdown started, it seems like a good time to take stock and reflect on how life has changed for us as a business over these past three months.
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GovGrant – an active member of the CBI R&D working group

Posted on Wednesday 22 April 2020 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

GovGrant – a seat at the table when policy is discussed

Over the years our business has grown as a direct response to government initiatives to encourage innovation in the business community. Using our experience and expertise, we now have a seat at the table when government and businesses discuss the best way to reward innovation in the UK. We aim to influence policy by representing our clients.
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Staff spotlight: An interview with GovGrant’s first apprentice

Posted on Wednesday 17 July 2019 by Ruth Hayes | Human Resources Manager

Back in March, we began the search for our first apprentice to join the GovGrant team. Fast forward to June and Kati Plowman-sale had started her first day here in our St Albans office, taking on the role of Apprentice Finance Administrator. Kati is in the process of completing a Finance apprenticeship with North Hertfordshire College. We sat down with Kati to find out what she thought of the application process, her experience so far in the role and her future goals.

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GovGrant appoints Bartholdi to spearhead sales and marketing

Posted on Wednesday 27 March 2019 by Ruth Hayes | Human Resources Manager

GovGrant, the innovation tax credits specialist, has appointed Dominic Bartholdi as head of sales. GovGrant, [which is based in St Albans] helps businesses take advantage of government tax credits for innovation, R&D and intellectual property such as patents. The proceeds are then ploughed back into the businesses to generate more investment in innovation. Luke Hamm said Dominic’s arrival comes on the back of a record quarterly trading performance with turnover increasing by over 30% at the end of last year.

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Red Nose Day 2019 – GovGrant steps up

Posted on Monday 25 March 2019 by Ruth Hayes | Human Resources Manager

When Red Nose Day comes around you can rely on the enthusiastic team at GovGrant to get involved – lunchtime board games, eating cake and raising money for this great cause. Since its launch in 1988, Red Nose Day has become something of a British institution. It’s the day when people across the land can get together to do something fun and raise money to support vulnerable people in the UK and internationally.

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GovGrant posts record quarterly trading and says no evidence of Brexit ‘meltdown in SME innovation’

Posted on Thursday 7 March 2019 by GovGrant

  • Strong sales uplift following significant increase in claims volumes
  • Brexit having no impact on SME investment in innovation
  • CEO calls for regulation to remove cowboy claims farmers from the sector
  • Partnerships with accounting firms a key growth opportunity

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GovGrant signs up with Insurtech UK

Posted on Wednesday 6 March 2019 by GovGrant

Innovation tax specialist GovGrant is delighted to confirm today that it has been accepted as the research and development/intellectual property partner of Insurtech UK. GovGrant joins the 40+ insurtech startups and insurance-related businesses who have joined as associate members and partners since the Insurtech UK alliance – which plans to become a formal trade association in the next few months – informally launched in November 2018.

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GovGrant welcomes new government initiative to help small businesses

Posted on Monday 10 December 2018 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Luke Hamm, chief executive of innovation tax specialist GovGrant, has welcomed the government’s announcement that it is to introduce new laws to protect small businesses against unfair contracts that stop them raising money from unpaid invoices.

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GovGrant CFO Steve Phillips reflects on the 2018 Budget and its impact on innovation and R&D

Posted on Friday 9 November 2018 by Steve Phillips | Chief Financial Officer

As is usual, politics took centre stage following the 2018 Budget. Labour was under scrutiny after the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, indicated that, unlike his boss, he would not oppose the government’s personal tax changes. In the Times, leading economist David Smith noted that while the budget ‘must be judged as a political success,’ the level of public debt continues to be a cause for concern.

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GovGrant joins influential All Party Group for Design and Innovation

Posted on Tuesday 16 October 2018 by Clive Flood | Chief Operating Officer

GovGrant, the innovation tax incentive specialist, has joined the All Party Design and Innovation Group (APDIG), a parliamentary body made up of MPs and Peers that champions innovation inside and outside Parliament.

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The results are in; Staff survey shows GovGrant employee engagement is on the right track

Posted on Friday 7 September 2018 by Ruth Hayes | Human Resources Manager

GovGrant’s annual staff survey has been collated and from the 10 questions posed to the staff, there were some encouraging responses.

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GovGrant featured in The Business Magazine

Posted on Wednesday 5 September 2018 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneurial businesses can capitalise on their innovations by taking advantage of government incentives. R&D tax relief adviser GovGrant’s chief executive officer Luke Hamm tells Tim Wickham why more UK companies should consider claiming the relief and protecting their intellectual property.

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Interview with Luke Hamm, CEO GovGrant

Posted on Tuesday 4 September 2018 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Tell me about your background and how/why you became CEO at GovGrant?

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CEO featured in Insurance Times

Posted on Wednesday 22 August 2018 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

The insurance industry is missing out on claiming back research and development (R&D) tax.

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Steve Phillips – CFO at GovGrant – on life in the world of R&D and Innovation

Posted on Monday 30 July 2018 by Steve Phillips | Chief Financial Officer

Q. You’ve had a number of senior roles in private equity-backed businesses, and in private equity, so what was the attraction of joining GovGrant?

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Shine a light on hidden innovation

Posted on Wednesday 20 June 2018 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Hidden innovation needs to be brought out from the shadows and into the spotlight.

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It all adds up for new finance chief

Posted on Monday 11 June 2018 by Ruth Hayes | Human Resources Manager

Business innovation funding and tax relief specialist GovGrant has appointed a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

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New boss at innovation specialist GovGrant

Posted on Thursday 26 April 2018 by Ruth Hayes | Human Resources Manager

The company responsible for securing millions of pounds in Research and Development (R&D) tax credits for small or medium sized businesses (SMEs) has appointed a new chief executive officer.

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R&D tax relief: what, when and how

Posted on Tuesday 3 April 2018 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

If you have a company that does a lot of research and development, you will want to look into the R&D tax claims you can make. In some cases, you can get reimbursement for up to 33% of your development costs.

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Helping businesses access grant funding is a piece of cake for Richard

Posted on Tuesday 6 March 2018 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Richard Thompson has spent the largest part of his professional life offering help, support, and advice to small businesses.

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What are the steps in completing an R&D tax credit?

Posted on Tuesday 6 February 2018 by Clive Flood | Chief Operating Officer

If you are a business owner or manager with a company presence in the UK, you may be eligible for research and development (R&D) tax credits. At GovGrant, our consultants focus on helping you to maximise your R&D tax credit claim no matter the size of your business or your principal products and services. We will help you to follow these simple steps to make sure that you are getting the most from your claim.

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What’s in a name?

Posted on Friday 20 October 2017 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

On 2 October 2017, GGTC, Capital Allowance Specialists and Patent Box Consultations starting trading as GovGrant – why?

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Coffee, cake and charity

Posted on Sunday 1 October 2017 by GovGrant

Charity + Bakeoff back on the box=Macmillian coffee morning.

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