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Debating the benefits of IP to life sciences – Cambridge University

Posted on Monday 14 August 2023 by Alec Griffiths

In July 2023, I was honoured to be invited to the LMB-VBC Graduate Life Sciences symposium at the University of Cambridge, specifically to be a panellist on the Lab Grown Meat discussion. It was great to represent GovGrant and bring the commercial IP angle to the debate.

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What accountants need to know about the R&D baseline

Posted on Monday 27 March 2023 by Vicki Morrall | Accounting Partner Director

In the past accountants might have been comfortable dealing with the financial aspects of an R&D tax relief claim, but may have felt less qualified to assess the technical or scientific aspects of their clients’ claims.
Many accountants I have spoken to recently have left this aspect entirely to their clients, believing them to be the experts in their field. But now that HMRC’s rate of enquiry is increasing they find that the client can’t answer HMRC’s technical questions, and neither can they.

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Taking the fear out of IP

Posted on Tuesday 30 August 2022 by Tanya Rahman | Junior Intellectual Property Analyst

Businesses shouldn’t be intimidated by the legal and academic jargon surrounding Intellectual Property (IP). Here at GovGrant we are changing the conversation and provide a range of IP services and assets that can help you cut through the noise.
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Legislation Day – HMRC’s draft changes to R&D tax relief schemes

Posted on Thursday 21 July 2022 by Clive Flood | Chief Operating Officer

Yesterday (Wednesday 20 July) was what HMRC refer to as Legislation Day, on which they publish the draft legislation changes that have now been submitted to parliament to receive Royal Assent and be passed into law. This is expected to take place over the Autumn which will then come into effect for full accounting periods starting on or after 1 April 2023.
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UK Digital Strategy – full on intent but lighter on new policy

Posted on Thursday 30 June 2022 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

The UK Digital Strategy policy paper was published on 13 June 2022. It reconfirms the government’s intent to make the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a technology business and it seeks to outline this vision and the actions required to deliver it.

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Countdown to COP26

Posted on Thursday 21 October 2021 by Colin Barr

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that the UK is hosting the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow at the end of this month.
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Proud to launch Elevation at the Digital Accountancy Show

Posted on Wednesday 8 September 2021 by Sharon Veness | Accountant Partnerships Manager

GovGrant recently exhibited at The Digital Accountancy Show, a one-day exhibition specifically focussed on digital transformation and the app ecosystem. It was great to meet so many people in person – rather than virtually. And even better to introduce so many accountants to Elevation, our R&D tax credit software built for accountants. > Read more

The UK government is right to put IP at the heart of new innovation strategy

Posted on Wednesday 11 August 2021 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

At the end of July, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) announced that a strong intellectual property system will be key as the UK aims to be a global leader in innovation. It is clear that the UK is facing some major challenges; net-zero, the levelling up agenda, global trade ambitions and, not least, economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.
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GovGrant launches Elevation to empower accountants with R&D and IP

Posted on Tuesday 8 June 2021 by Sharon Veness | Accountant Partnerships Manager

Today we launched Elevation, a new tool that allows accountants to take control of R&D tax claims and support them through the process with access to additional expert help and resources as required. Elevation is free of charge to our accounting partners. Elevation will help accountants drive the R&D tax conversation with clients. But more than that it will allow accountants to generate low-value R&D tax credit claims on behalf of their clients.
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GovGrant launches CBI Economics analysis – Prosperity Pending

Posted on Sunday 2 May 2021 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

R&D and innovation specialists GovGrant have today revealed the UK economy is failing to capitalise on its world-leading academic prowess and intellect by not translating its R&D into commercial gain and creating intellectual property (IP).
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Intellectual Property Day – Unleashing the true value of IP for UK’s SMEs

Posted on Monday 26 April 2021 by Akshay Thaman | IP Consultant & Policy Lead

It’s World Intellectual Property Day, a day to celebrate and educate the world about the role that intellectual property (IP) rights play in encouraging innovation and how, when employed successfully, an idea can become an IP asset to create business value and drive sustainable economic growth.
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The European Patent Index 2020: Analysis of the numbers

Posted on Thursday 25 March 2021 by Akshay Thaman | IP Consultant & Policy Lead

In case you missed it, last week the European Patent Office (EPO) released its European Patent Index (EPI) for 2020 which saw the number of European patent applications filed at the EPO drop by 0.7% compared to 2019. If you would like to know more about what the European Patent Index is and why it is significant, please see my earlier blog post here. This is the last in a two part series that will dissect the data released in this year’s EPI and what it may reveal for the state of innovation for certain sectors within Europe.
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The European Patent Index 2020: An insight into European innovation trends

Posted on Wednesday 17 March 2021 by Akshay Thaman | IP Consultant & Policy Lead

This week the European Patent Office (EPO) has released its much-anticipated European Patent Index (EPI) for 2020.
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Is there a gender gap in innovation?

Posted on Wednesday 10 February 2021 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Today is the UN’s “International Day of Women and Girls in Science”. As a business, GovGrant is at the heart of the innovation ecosystem it’s dispiriting to think that the UK could be missing out on the skills and expertise of a significant chunk of the population. Do we still need a day to promote STEM subjects for girls? Surely there is ample opportunity and the UK is ahead of this curve?
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Rocket into 2021 | Part 2

Posted on Friday 22 January 2021 by Somil Goyal | Investment Lead

We at GovGrant have 15 years’ experience of helping innovative UK companies, and their investors, achieve commercial value from innovation. With our Rocket into 2021 campaign, we are looking in-depth at the UK private capital markets, and how to help clients and investors improve cash flow and valuation in these difficult and volatile times.
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Rocket into 2021

Posted on Thursday 14 January 2021 by Somil Goyal | Investment Lead

We all know how hard and volatile 2020 was for the UK economy. UK public equity indices crashed 30% from close to all-time highs over the period from January to March. They have since recovered at least half of the lost ground. The bounce back in the US, led by technology and high growth sectors, was much stronger and led to new all-time highs.
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Changes in Intellectual Property practices post-Brexit

Posted on Wednesday 2 December 2020 by Akshay Thaman | IP Consultant & Policy Lead

Brexit? Is that still happening? Well yes, fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on which side of the fence you are on), and, consequently, there are changes to how certain aspects of the Intellectual Property (IP) system will operate in the UK on or after 1 January 2021. Here is your one-stop-shop for all things Brexit and IP post the end of the transition period:
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Finance Bill 2021 – impact on R&D tax credits

Posted on Friday 13 November 2020 by Stephanie Taylor | Senior Tax Manager

HMRC have recently announced changes to the rules for R&D tax credits for SMEs. The new rules have been designed to target perceived fraudulent claims using structures set up in the UK to claim a repayable credit even though no R&D work was actually carried out in the UK.
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Three challenges revealed in this year’s HMRC statistics

Posted on Tuesday 6 October 2020 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Now that I have had some time to digest the recent update from HMRC in respect of the R&D tax credits and Patent Box statistics, there are three things that have stood out for me:
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IP strategy – key to thriving in a post-covid world

Posted on Wednesday 15 July 2020 by Akshay Thaman | IP Consultant & Policy Lead

As non-essential business begins to reopen after months of non-trading, and those on furlough start to return to work, many companies across the UK are pressing the ‘resume’ button in an environment with greater volatility than ever before. This will pose challenges on an unprecedented scale; therefore, companies will be doing all they can to ensure that there is enough cash available to weather the storm that is to come.
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In our hour of need is the UK’s patent process a help or a hindrance?

Posted on Tuesday 5 May 2020 by Akshay Thaman | IP Consultant & Policy Lead

It is safe to say that the sudden emergence of Covid-19 and its impact has taken the world by surprise. It has brought economies to their knees as well as posed social challenges, but most importantly, it represents a great threat to the health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable. In these truly unprecedented times, our hopes of fighting, mitigating, and eventually, overcoming this global pandemic rest on the shoulders of innovative companies, universities and other organisations coming up with technical solutions to solve this problem, and fast.
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GovGrant urges separation of audit and consultancy in order to embrace contingent fees for consultancy services

Posted on Wednesday 3 July 2019 by Steve Phillips | Chief Financial Officer

The CEO of one of the UK’s leading innovation tax specialists has called for contingent fees to be fully embraced by clients seeking the best possible outcome for their R&D and innovation tax credits strategy. Luke Hamm, CEO of GovGrant, which specialises in helping firms claim tax credits from their innovation and intellectual property, which is then re-invested, said that contingent (or success fees) were a better means of deriving full value from a claim than fixed fees or hourly rates.

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GovGrant appoints Bartholdi to spearhead sales and marketing

Posted on Wednesday 27 March 2019 by Ruth Hayes | Human Resources Manager

GovGrant, the innovation tax credits specialist, has appointed Dominic Bartholdi as head of sales. GovGrant, [which is based in St Albans] helps businesses take advantage of government tax credits for innovation, R&D and intellectual property such as patents. The proceeds are then ploughed back into the businesses to generate more investment in innovation. Luke Hamm said Dominic’s arrival comes on the back of a record quarterly trading performance with turnover increasing by over 30% at the end of last year.

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GovGrant signs up with Insurtech UK

Posted on Wednesday 6 March 2019 by GovGrant

Innovation tax specialist GovGrant is delighted to confirm today that it has been accepted as the research and development/intellectual property partner of Insurtech UK. GovGrant joins the 40+ insurtech startups and insurance-related businesses who have joined as associate members and partners since the Insurtech UK alliance – which plans to become a formal trade association in the next few months – informally launched in November 2018.

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Honda closure must bring about government re-think for innovation, says GovGrant CEO

Posted on Tuesday 5 March 2019 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Honda’s decision to close its Swindon car plant by 2022 has been hijacked by the politics of Brexit. No surprise there, but the closure also blows a big hole in the government’s industrial strategy, which placed some big bets on the development and production of electric vehicles in the UK.

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The real Sir James Dyson question: What has Singapore got that the UK hasn’t?

Posted on Wednesday 30 January 2019 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Sir James Dyson’s decision to move his corporate HQ from the UK to Singapore has unleashed a storm of Brexit-related comment. Sir James, one of the UK’s most successful inventors, is a prominent Brexit supporter, and he has been widely criticised as hypocritical on social media and in the MSM.

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GovGrant CEO says urgent reform of UK Patent Policy needed

Posted on Thursday 24 January 2019 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

  • Hacker Young study identifies obtaining more AI patents as key to UK’s future growth
  • System for obtaining patents stacked against SMEs

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GovGrant: Patents should make money for business, not just make people feel good

Posted on Wednesday 12 December 2018 by GovGrant

Luke Hamm, chief executive of innovation tax credit specialist GovGrant, will urge business owners to monetise their intellectual property (IP) and stop treating it like a medal. In a keynote speech to delegates at the start of London IP Week (Monday 10 December), Luke, whose business helps the UK’s most innovative SMEs claim for the government’s ‘Patent Box’ scheme, will accuse policymakers of ‘woefully under-protecting IP,’ calling for bolder policies policy to ensure business and the wider knowledge economy derives full value from inventions.

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GovGrant joins influential All Party Group for Design and Innovation

Posted on Tuesday 16 October 2018 by Clive Flood | Chief Operating Officer

GovGrant, the innovation tax incentive specialist, has joined the All Party Design and Innovation Group (APDIG), a parliamentary body made up of MPs and Peers that champions innovation inside and outside Parliament.

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Latest Govt stats highlight how SMEs are critical to the health of the nation.

Posted on Monday 15 October 2018 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Business powers our economy, even if Boris Johnson colourfully disagrees, and the Chancellor has a chance to underscore the government’s support for business – especially small business – in his Budget at the end of October.

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Innovation the key for better business

Posted on Wednesday 22 August 2018 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

One of the more heartening aspects of this year’s Federation of Small Business (FSB) innovation survey is that SMEs know they need to innovate, particularly in the face of competition.

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Shine a light on hidden innovation

Posted on Wednesday 20 June 2018 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Hidden innovation needs to be brought out from the shadows and into the spotlight.

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GovGrant in Europe’s top 100

Posted on Tuesday 17 April 2018 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

Business innovation funding and tax relief specialist GovGrant has been shortlisted for a prestigious global award.

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What’s in a name?

Posted on Friday 20 October 2017 by Luke Hamm | Chief Executive Officer

On 2 October 2017, GGTC, Capital Allowance Specialists and Patent Box Consultations starting trading as GovGrant – why?

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