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What are the greatest challenges facing humankind today? Which are the global issues that continue to move up the political, corporate, and societal agendas? And how can innovation and technology find solutions?

GovGrant identified those companies that are developing the innovation to address the big questions. Our research seeks to reveal how the UK shapes up in terms of its global competitiveness in attracting investment. With our IP lens we bring a fresh perspective to our analysis.

Investment in innovation – GovGrant research reports

Our research delves into the companies that are involved in fields such as decarbonisation, renewable energy, and agricultural innovations. We have investigated which companies and technologies are attracting the most investment. Highlighting the geographical breakdown of that investment and where it is coming from, be it private or public, venture capital or private equity. Enabling us to see trends and identify the direction of travel.



Investing to feed the world
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Investment in climate change solutions
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