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Vanessa Cooper
Tax Director

As Group Technical Tax Manager, Vanessa ensures that everyone at GovGrant delivers to rigorous accounting standards.

  Vanessa Cooper

Vanessa Cooper

About Vanessa

Vanessa has over twenty years of accounting experience gained within the Corporate teams at BDO, Baker Tilly, and Blick Rothenberg. She has worked with clients across many sectors, assisting multi-national groups on the structure of worldwide operations and advising on complex corporate transactions.

Vanessa works closely with our clients to identify R&D, Patent Box, and RDA opportunities and ensures that the treatment we adopt and the reports we compile are always compliant. She provides technical training to our internal teams and our partner accountants.


Vanessa is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (FCA).

Vanessa has represented GovGrant on the HMRC Research and Development consultative committee.

In her own words

“Some of our clients have challenging tax profiles, transfer pricing, group structures etc. I need to ensure that the client gets the optimal benefit from the claims that we make on their behalf. If there is no benefit to the client we will let them know and not continue with the claim. I certainly don’t believe in charging a client for work that does not provide a benefit to them.”

In the media

She has presented the Budget on Sky news.